Unique Compositing

Special Features

Deep Image Compositing

Deep Compositing tools allow artists to work with ‘deep images’ containing multiple opacity and color samples per pixel.
These enable you to render CG elements without the need for predetermined holdout mattes, so there’s no need to re-render
when content changes. Deep Compositing can also be used to create new volumetric effects and merge 3D images with reduced-edge artifacts.

3D Camera Tracker

3D Camera Tracker integrates directly into the 2D/3D
image processing environment to analyze 2D image sequences and reconstruct the 3D camera with unknown/approximate/known and constant/varying constraints.


Highest quality results when retiming, speed-ramping, time-remapping,
adding slow-motion effects and realistic motion blur.


This includes industry standard keyers such as Primatte,Ultimatte,IBK and Keyliht.

Full HDRI support

Fully supports HDRI formats to ensure you are always working
with final shot quality imagery.High dynamic range floating point processing pipeline ensures any edits or changes you make are done non-destructivly, without compromising quality.


Sezgin A.Karataş